Marc Steiner holds a Master of Law from the University of Basel and is admitted to the bar. He has delivered an expertise on Green Public Pro­cure­ment in Switzer­land (2006) and issued a working paper on how to integrate social aspects in public procure­ment processes (2009, 4th version 2017). Marc Steiner has been appointed as a Judge to the Swiss Federal Admini­strative Court in 2007 (2nd Division, primarily in charge of economic matters including pub­lic procure­ment and compe­tition). His comparative approach has been stimu­lated especially during two internships at the ECJ (1996 and 2008). He is one of four co-authors of the standard reference work on the practice of public procurement in Switzerland ("Praxis des öffentlichen Beschaf­fungsrechts", 3rd edition 2013). Further­more, Marc Steiner was invited to act as an expert during the public hearing of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament on "Modernisation of Public Procure­ment" (May 2011). He also contributed to the revised UNEP-Guidelines on the Implemen­tation of Sustai­nable Public Procurement (2012). In September 2015 he was invited as a speaker to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement Sympo­sium (pre­sen­tation; cf. publication on Green Public Procure­ment) and in February 2017 to the WTO Sym­posium on Sustainable Pro­cure­ment (presen­ta­tion; report). His latest article (together with Elisabeth Lang) reads as follows: Public Procurement Regulation: Fostering Market Access and Simultaneously Preventing Corruption - A Swiss Perspective. Marc Steiner is a member of the Advisory Board of Trans­parency International (Swiss Chapter) focusing on integrity in the government procurement process and at the same time a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of swisscleantech, the Swiss association for stake­holders in the green economy, dealing with sustainable (public) procure­ment issues.
European Parliament
Internal Market Committee
Public hearing May 24th 2011
Presentation Marc Steiner
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EP Resolution October 25th 2011

Public Hearing European Parliament
IMCO May 2011 Marc Steiner


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